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November 23, 2009 // UPDATED 8:46 am - November 23, 2009
By: Zoie Glass
Zoie Glass
With the end of the regular Mill City Farmers Market season, many of the vendors have found a winter home in the North Loop neighborhood at Ann Yin’s shop, Local D’Lish. Local D’Lish is celebrating its second Winter Market season hosting a variety of local food producers, including Star Prairie Trout Farm and their variety of smoked and frozen trout and salmon, and Braucher’s Sunshine Harvest Farm’s pasture raised chicken, beef and fresh eggs.  

Aunt Elsie’s Aebleskiver will be there sampling their Danish Aebleskiver and offering their pans and mixes for market shoppers to try at home.

In addition to these familiar faces, there is a new and wonderful pastry chef on the scene. Krista Steinbach from Sweets Bakeshop will be there every market with her splendid varieties of mini cupcakes and French Macaroons. Krista has always had a passion for baking, which she learned as a child from her grandmother. In high school she would stay up late into the night baking cookies to pass out to eager classmates at her locker the next day. During her time serving in Iraq, she ordered a bread machine and treated her fellow soldiers to a variety of inventive fresh breads.  

After returning home, she began to rethink her decision to continue in marketing, the field of her major, and looked at what she was really passionate about. Luckily for us she decided on baking.  

With her husband’s encouragement and support she attended the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena —
a school in Napa Valley, Calif. She has put that passion and those skills to great use in offering a variety of cupcakes with to die for flavor combinations, such as Berries and Champagne, berry cake topped with sparkling wine buttercream and chocolate pearls; Chocolate-1, dense chocolate cake filled with marshmallows and topped with chocolate buttercream; and the one that I find most intriguing — Kettle Corn, a dense cornmeal cake topped with buttercream and candied corn.

Great cupcakes aside, her French Macaroons steal the show. They are not your grandma’s macaroons. These tiny gluten free cookies are surprisingly full of flavor. She uses almond flour and marange to marry flavors like chile pepper and ganache or lavender and caramel. All of her products are hand made with local ingredients like Hope Creamery butter.  

In addition to the winter market at Local D’Lish, Steinbach has partnered with Ly Lo of Little Cake Studio to open Sweets Studio at 2042 Marshall Ave. in St. Paul. They offer her signature macaroons and an assortment of cupcakes, brownies and blondies in the shop. With the fine arts background of her business partner Ly Lo, you can order cupcakes decorated specifically for your event. At the Winter Market they are offering theme based cupcakes. Last market’s theme was hunting opener with camouflage and antler decorations. Sweets Bakeshop, now Sweets Studio, is proof that following your passion benefits everyone.

Zoie Glass owns the Mill City Farmers Market vendor Lucille’s Kitchen Garden.

Winter Market

Some Mill City Farmers Market vendors will be part of the Winter Market at Local D’Lish, 208 N. 1st St., in the North Loop. Check for dates and times.