85 layoffs at Target after department restructuring

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October 29, 2009
By: Amanda Kushner
Amanda Kushner
A spokesperson says all of the positions, which represent 8 percent of the company’s marketing department, were based at the Downtown headquarters.

Target Corp. today laid off about 85 positions at its Downtown headquarters.

That amounts to about 8 percent of its marketing department, spokeswoman Kari Thompson said.

The layoffs were the result of the department “restructuring.” They represent about a half percent of the 12,000 employees that work Downtown, she said.

“Target is continually focused on looking at all areas of our business, so whether the economy is good or bad we look at our structure across the company. So that kind of continuous improvement focus happened to result in some changes in marketing,” Thompson said.

This was not the same situation as when Target eliminated 600 employees and 400 open positions in January 2009, she said.

“This was about marketing looking at its business and saying we need to evolve,” Thompson said. “We need to make changes and this was the result.”

Employees affected by the marketing reorganization will receive full pay and benefits through Dec. 14. Then, based on the number of years of service with the company, employees will receive a separation package, which will include 12 months of continued company health care benefits along with 12 months of COBRA, according to a statement.

Those impacted by the reorganization will also receive outplacement support through a vendor contracted by Target. This service will include aiding employees in conducting job searches, building a résumé, getting ready for interviews and negotiating job offers, she said. Those interested in the service will have until March 15 to activate the service, Thompson said.

When asked if additional departments would be affected in the future, Thompson said the company is appropriately staffed.

“Target is continually looking at and aligning talent needs with strategic priorities, so changes can occur at any time,” she added. “But we believe we are staffed appropriately at this time.”