Two blocks of Hawthorne Avenue open as a two-way street Friday

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August 17, 2009 // UPDATED 5:39 pm - August 27, 2009
By: Amanda Kushner
Amanda Kushner
On Friday morning, two blocks of Hawthorne Avenue Downtown between 10th and 12th streets will switch from a one-way to a two-way street.

The street, at the southern end of 1st Avenue Downtown, was recently seal-coated and will be stripped prior to opening Friday.

“It is really just a couple of blocks that are different. If you are going southbound you are not going to notice much of a difference. … The flow will be very similar to what it was before,” said Matt Laible, city spokesman.

The conversion is a traffic-calming technique. It will also prepare the city for the switch of Hennepin and 1st avenues to two-way streets in October. Also 2nd Avenue North will switch to a two-way street between 5th and 10th streets.

By opening this small segment first Public Works will have the opportunity to monitor how the conversion is going and evaluate if they should do anything differently when the bigger conversions begin, Laible said.