Meet the market: Danish delights

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August 17, 2009 // UPDATED 9:55 am - August 17, 2009
By: Zoie Glass
Zoie Glass
If you’ve never eaten Æbleskiver, people say it tastes like a pancake crossed with a pop-over. Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver (pronounced EB-el-sku-wyr) is back at the Mill City Farmers Market after a debut late in the 2008 season. After watching the crew at the farmers market cook these loaded Danish puffs of goodness, it is hard to resist trying it out at home, which is why they offer the pan and their own hand made mix for market shoppers to purchase.  

Æbleskiver are made in a special iron, called an Æbleskiver pan which looks very similar to an egg poaching pan. Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver pans are made of cast iron, right here in Minnesota, and carry a lifetime warranty. Their Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver Mix, a 100-plus-year-old family recipe, is made with organic Minnesota-grown wheat and organic Wisconsin buttermilk.

Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver was established in 2008 by Lisa Timek, Linda Engwall, Sarah Engwall and Chad Gillard. Lisa & Linda are Else’s nieces; Sarah is Linda’s daughter. Chad has had a food booth at the Irish Fair for several years and after tasting Æbleskiver for the first time decided that they needed to be shared with the world.

Since Æbleskiver are a filled-pastry, they use the abundance of products from the Mill City Farmers Market, including Ames Farm’s apples, blueberries, rhubarb, sausage, cheese, and even River Chocolate’s chocolate. They also serve each order of Æbleskiver with delicious locally made ginger syrup, honey, jam from Lucille’s Kitchen Garden, or real maple syrup from North Lakes Wild Rice & Syrup, and top it all off with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Difficult to pronounce, delightful to eat and a darn good time to make, Æbleskiver is not just for the Danish anymore.

Sweet & Savory ’Skiver Sunday Brunch

— Cafe Palmira’s French Roast Coffee
— package of Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver Mix (1/2 package makes 22–25 Æbleskiver)
— 3 eggs from Braucher’s Sunshine Harvest Farm
— 2 cups water
— 1 apple, cut into bite size pieces
— 1 jar of Lucille’s Kitchen Garden Raspberry Pepper Jam
— MN Valley Organic’s ham, cubed into bite size pieces
— Cream Cheese, cubed into bite size pieces
— Ginger Syrup


Step 1: Brew some Cafe Palmira French roasted coffee, and heat your Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver Pan over low-medium heat.

Step 2: Take in the delicious aroma of the brewing Cafe Palmira’s coffee and mix up Æbleskiver batter. Following the directions on the back of the package, beat together the eggs and water, then add Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver Mix.

Step 3: Begin baking Æbleskiver. Alternate between sweet Æbleskiver with apple filling, and savory Æbleskiver with ham and cream cheese filling.

Step 4: Pour a cup of rich, hot Cafe Palmira coffee, have the kids set the table.

Step 5: Top sweet Æbleskiver with Lucille’s Kitchen Garden Raspberry Pepper Jam and a dusting of powdered sugar. Serve savory Æbleskiver with Ginger Syrup.

Step 6: Sit, eat, drink and enjoy ’Skiver Sunday!

Zoie Glass owns the Mill City Farmers Market vendor Lucille’s Kitchen Garden.