Hennepin, 1st avenues set for seal-coating this weekend

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August 3, 2009 // UPDATED 3:29 pm - August 4, 2009
By: Cristof Traudes
Cristof Traudes
The city is expected to seal-coat Hennepin and 1st avenues this weekend in anticipation of the roads’ two-way conversions.

When seal-coating, crews put a layer of tar and rock chips on top of the existing street surface. Traffic can return to the street shortly afterward, while excess rock chips should be swept up within days, according to a city news release.

Weather permitting, Hennepin will be seal-coated on Friday. The work will be completed one lane at a time. Crews are planning to be done before the evening rush hour. First Avenue will be seal-coated on Saturday.

Temporary tabs will be installed to mark lanes until traffic lights and signs are put up later this year to accommodate two-way traffic, after which stripes marking the new lane configurations will be painted on the roads.