Gallery owners sponsor student art contest

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February 4, 2008 // UPDATED 11:46 am - February 4, 2008
By: Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas

A Downtown gallery owner will sponsor the second annual Tracy Awards for student artists, Achieve!Minneapolis announced in January.

Gary Fink, whose Louvre It or Leave It gallery will be familiar to many skyway-goers, and Ken Fink will sponsor the visual art contest.

The Tracy Awards are open to all students in grades 9–12 enrolled at one of Minneapolis’ seven public high schools. The top three finalists will receive a scholarship to a post-secondary institution and have their artwork displayed in the Minneapolis Central Library April 5–20.

Judging this year’s entries are: Minneapolis College of Art and Design sculpture Professor Kinji Akagawa, the 2007 McKnight Distinguished Artist; Weisman Art Museum Director and Chief Curator Lyndell King; and Twin Cities-based visual artist Megan Rye.