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Buffalo, Minn.’s Number 12 Cider House to open North Loop taproom

Updated: August 9, 2018 - 3:02 pm

Cidery’s new brewing facility coming this fall

Colin Post and Steve Hance, co-owners of Number 12 Cider, are set to open a new taproom in the North Loop this October.

The 7,000-square-foot taproom will be located at 700 N. 5th St., a block-and-a-half away from Target Field, and will operate as a commercial winery.

“[Our] focus is on real apples and real cider made in a traditional method,” Post said. “We think the city is ready for that.”

Post and Hance are childhood friends from New Brighton. In 2012, the two decided to enter in the Minnesota State Fair’s home brew competition, after home brewing their own cider for many years.

“We won a blue ribbon with some of the products and that kind of started us thinking a little of what this could become,” Post said.

The two partnered with Yuri and Jill Preugschas, owners of Deer Lake Orchard in Buffalo, Minnesota, and expanded into an orchard taproom.

Now with the rise in popularity of cider, the Number 12 Cider founders said they feel ready for an expansion.

“Even in a smaller community like [Buffalo] people were pretty excited about cider in general,” Post said. “Some of our busy weekend days out there we just thought, ‘what kind of crazy potential could there be for this in an urban setting?’”

The Deer Lake Orchard taproom is currently closed for renovation but will reopen at the end of the summer. It will continue serving Number 12 Cider products, even as Post and Hance move their production and focus into the North Loop.

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Post said breweries are trying to fill the growing demand for cider with apple beers while the ciders currently on the market tend to be simple and highly sweetened.

“Count on different with us,” he said. “We think anybody that comes into our space is going to really appreciate what cider is and how it’s made and what the possibilities are with that.”

He said cider can be just as interesting and complex as beer with variations in the fruit and yeast.

Post said they’re aiming to have all 16 taps running when the taproom opens this fall, both with ciders they’ve previously served at their orchard taproom and some making their debut.

The two are separating from their partnership with the Deer Lake Orchard owners and starting the North Loop taproom on their own. They’re taking the relocation as an opportunity to rebrand with different packaging and a new name and logo. The cidery will now just be Number 12 Cider.

“It’s a new venture, it’s a new project, its new ownership… so we just felt like a fresh start was important, but we didn’t want to lose the heritage of what we used to be and where we came from completely,” Post said.

Number 12 Cider has three ciders in distribution across the state and the two hope to add a fourth soon. Post said they’re leaning toward adding one that rotates seasonally.

“[The taproom] will be kind of our playground to try some things, experiment with different types of yeasts and ciders and apple blends,” he said. “What is received well at the taproom might eventually become distributed products as well.”

Whether they’re newbies or “cider snobs,” Post and Hance are hoping to educate cider’s growing customer base on its production and variations.

“(The new taproom) is kind of the culmination of everything that we’ve done to this point,” Post said, “and we’re extremely excited about being in the North Loop and developing some of these concepts further.”


    I have already tried the number 12 ciders and actually like the three that are made at Millner’s Winery in Kimball better.