Rendering by Blumentals Architecture

Rendering by Blumentals Architecture

Market Bar-B-Que announces new Northeast location

Updated: June 26, 2018 - 2:02 pm

Market Bar-B-Que, a 72-year-old family barbecue joint, has announced the location of its new Northeast restaurant, which is set to open this fall.

Father and son Steve and Anthony Polski currently co-own and operate Eat Street’s Market Bar-B-Que at 1414 Nicollet Ave S. However, the demolition of their current building, which will make room for new apartments, has forced them to relocate.

“My father and I are putting everything we have into being able to do this move and build out. We didn’t know we were going to have to move so it’s not like we were saving up and that part is really stressful…” Anthony Polski said. “We’re definitely going at (a) rocket pace to get this done in a manner in which we can keep our employees still working and give the public our food.”

Polski said he’s been interested in being more involved in the Northeast community for a while and had an “inkling” of the possible need to relocate in the future. This January he and his father worked out a deal for a space at 220 Lowry Ave. NE in the Bottineau neighborhood that they’d been looking at shortly after finding out about the demolition.

Market Bar-B-Que’s two food trucks have previously serviced breweries and distilleries in Northeast, which reaffirmed their interest in the area.

“I think [Northeast] is very fitting for a family owned and operated legacy business,” Polski said. “The support from the community has done nothing but reinforce that for me… it makes all of the hard work that my family does feel well worth it.”

Market Bar-B-Que rolled out a food truck in 2016. File photo
Market Bar-B-Que rolled out a food truck in 2016. File photo

Since Polski’s grandfather first opened Market Bar-B-Que in 1946, the business has relocated three other times. It started by the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, and then moved to where the Target Center parking now is, before settling at its current location on Eat Street. Polski said that redevelopment seems to spur their relocation approximately every 30 years.

McNulty Construction Company worked with the family during each relocation.

“They’re professionals at building Market Bar-B-Ques,” Polski said.

Polski said he is more comfortable in the relocation process knowing it has been done before.

“It is a big undertaking, but having my dad and McNulty in my corner is huge,” he said.

Though the location will be new, much of the old building will make the move, including the ceiling. Antique light fixtures, a recreation of the original carpet, the 110-year-old bar and, of course, its signature marquee will be found at Market Bar-B-Que’s new home.

“I think [relocating] uproots us and I think this is going to be really good for my family’s business,” Polski said.

Market Bar-B-Que is using its move as an opportunity to improve the menu. A “buy ‘em ‘til they’re out” barbecue beef rib weekend special will be among its food additions.

Polski said the biggest change will be the merging of their bar and restaurant. New happy hour specials will feature products from neighborhood breweries and distilleries, such as Indeed Brewing Co. and Tattersall Distilling.

Market Bar-B-Que anticipates closing for about two months from mid-September until mid-November during the transition. However, the food trucks will still be out.

Though he admitted he is sad to leave the current location, Polski said, “I see nothing but a bright future for our family business. I think it’s going to be a rebirth for us.”