Photo by The Restaurant Project

Photo by The Restaurant Project

Restaurant boasting 200-plus whiskeys opens in North Loop

Updated: July 27, 2017 - 1:15 pm

Dalton & Wade brings Americana cuisine to the newly opened T3

Dalton & Wade Whiskey Common, a bar and restaurant offering country-style cuisine and more than 200 American whiskeys, will open Wednesday in the North Loop.

The concept from co-owners Dan O’Brien, Sean Geraty and Corey, John and Paul Abdo is based on a “Western Wednesday” tradition the group of friends host when they enjoy movies over whiskey. In fact, the restaurant is named for the bouncers played by Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott in the 1989 film “Road House.”

IMG_5403 web“You’ve got a little bit of polish, a little bit of rustic, a little bit of dirty and clean spots in other places,” Paul Abdo said.

The result, a 130-seat restaurant offering an Americana menu and a humble whiskey-focused beverage program, is located on the main level of T3, a newly constructed office building off Washington Avenue.

The approximately 4,000-square foot restaurant’s menu is designed by Corner Table founder Scott Pampuch and executed by head chef Eli Renn. Dalton & Wade covers a wide swath of American food. It’s country food, Pampuch said, but “all over the country,” from Midwestern-style elk and bison meatloaf and Tennessee hot ribs to smoked brisket and a Nashville-inspired bologna sandwich with meat from Lowry Hill Meats.

Photo by Eric Best
Photos by Eric Best

IMG_5410 webChris Massey of Borough/Parlour and Bar La Grassa leads the bar program, which boasts 200 American whiskeys, in addition to Japanese and Irish whiskey and scotch varieties. Dalton & Wade doesn’t offer a cocktail more expensive than $9 or a wine glass over $10. There are four $8 highball cocktails, three based in whiskey and one in mezcal, including the Sweet Tea with Jim Beam rye whiskey and black tea. Guests can get a “beer and a bump” — a tallboy beer and a one-ounce shot — for $6.

“We’re trying to break the standard that is, around here, $12-$15 cocktails. We want to have good cocktails, given to you fast… and at a decent price,” Massey said.

The restaurant opens inside T3, known as the largest modern timber office building in the country. Barre fitness company The Bar Method opened last summer in the building. Industrious, a co-working space company, and Amazon are slated to open offices inside the building. T3, whose name stands for “transit, timber and technology,” is located off Washington Avenue passed Déjà Vu and the Dock Street Flats apartment building.

IMG_5409 webThe ownership group features restaurateurs, restaurant investors and real estate developers. The Abdo family has connections to fast-casual chain My Burger and the Nicollet Island Inn, among other companies.

Dalton & Wade, at 323 Washington Ave. N., is open for dinner at 4 p.m. until late daily.

“We’re really excited to be able to bring our love of whiskey to the North Loop and share great drinks, comfort food and community with our new neighbors,” Paul Abdo said.

Photo by Eric Best
Photo by Eric Best