The Aviary offers fitness — two feet off the ground

Updated: November 20, 2015 - 7:14 pm

A new workout studio in Southeast Minneapolis is taking fitness to new heights.

The Aviary features aerial fitness classes where students perform strength-building moves with seven-yard aerial hammocks that hang about two feet off the ground. Owner Christine Longe founded the studio in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood after several years of studying aerial arts in Northeast Minneapolis.

Longe said those who try aerial fitness find it empowering and fun, not to mention a challenging workout that combines several fitness styles. 

“Workouts don’t need to be boring. [Aerial fitness] brings fun back to fitness,” she said. “Boredom can be one of the biggest deterrents to maintaining and sustaining an exercise routine. Aerial workouts eliminate that obstacle.” 

The Aviary’s instructors teach several kinds of 50-minute classes with different intensities using the hammocks, which resemble the silks used by aerial performers. Classes range from a basic, level one course to an intense fitness course, in addition to aerial yoga. Longe said if a level one course sounds too difficult, those curious about aerial fitness could take an introductory class too.

And every 10 minutes or so, students can rest while instructors perform an aerial trick or maneuver, and then try it themselves.

The Aviary offers unlimited memberships, passes and one-time fees for classes. A new member taking a basic course will pay $5.

Everything is provided for a class, including the hammock and mats. Longe recommends that students wear fitted clothing that goes past the knees.

The 2,000-square-foot fitness portion of the studio can fit nearly 20 students in a class. The Aviary also hosts private parties for groups looking to try out aerial fitness. 

The Aviary will donate $1 to a rotating charity for each student workout, beginning with the Sojourner Project. Every few months, an instructor will choose another charity. The studio also has a reception space that will host local art.

The Aviary opens Sunday, Nov. 22 at 201 6th St. SE near Brasa. Longe is planning a grand opening in January after the holiday season. 


Photos courtesy of The Aviary