Bep Eatery opens in Fifth Street Towers

Updated: June 12, 2015 - 2:58 pm

Bep Eatery is now open and finally bringing Vietnamese cuisine to the skyway.

The fast casual restaurant from co-owners Thanh and Mark Myhre serves Vietnamese street food: banh mi, spring rolls, pho and vermicelli bowls. Bep Eatery serves its dishes much like Chipotle, with customizable options for meat, toppings and sauces. Each option is just $7.95.

The white, almost minimalist restaurant has just a few tables and chairs for dining in, but the food is tightly packaged and easy to eat on the go. Bep Eatery also adds some diversity to skyway cuisine with options like pho, or a Vietnamese noodle soup. The sauces, which are free even if you order extras, are all great options with hoisin, citrus soy and peanut chili sauces, among others. 

While it has few sides, Bep Eatery makes up for it with some uniqueness with spring rolls and beef or chicken broth. It also offers coconut water and Vietnamese coffee, in addition to the traditional bottled soft drinks. 

Though the restaurant is in a less trafficked part of downtown on the second floor of the Fifth Street Towers, it already has lines out the door. Bep Eatery opened earlier this season and is also accessible from the street level, just an escalator ride up at 100 S. 5th St. It’s open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Photo by Eric Best