Surdyk’s sees license suspension for early Sunday sales

Updated: March 13, 2017 - 2:57 pm

The longstanding liquor store opened Sunday prior to a new bill going into effect

Surdyk’s faces a month-long suspension of its liquor license and a fine after opening last Sunday, four months before Sunday sales become legal.

Jim Surdyk, owner of the longstanding business in the Nicollet Island-East Bank neighborhood, opened the store Sunday despite the fact that liquor stores in Minnesota have to wait until at least July to legally sell alcohol on a Sunday. A new Sunday liquor sales bill, signed last week by Gov. Mark Dayton, will go into effect July 1 — a Saturday, making July 2 the first day of legal Sunday sales.

The City of Minneapolis issued a $2,000 civil penalty and a 30-day suspension of the store’s off-sale liquor license, which would begin July 2, according to a notice sent to Surdyk. He is able to appeal the suspension.

“He was advised, both by phone and again in person, that allowing his store to be open for liquor sales on Sunday was in violation of the law,” the city said in a statement Monday.

Joseph Surdyk, Surdyk’s grandfather, first opened the store in 1934 when the City Council legalized liquor sales following 13 years of Prohibition. Surdyk’s has been located at its current home on East Hennepin Avenue for nearly four decades.