Six Star Tribune medallions to be reinstalled

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July 3, 2014
By: Bjorn Saterbak
Bjorn Saterbak

The six limestone medallions reclaimed from the Star Tribune headquarters will be reinstalled onto the Wells Fargo office buildings in the Downtown East development, Ryan Companies U.S., Inc. has announced.

Once completed, they will be placed at approximately the same height as their previous location and adorn the façade of the Wells Fargo entry plazas.

“Ryan Companies is pleased to announce that the medallions will remain in the neighborhood, very close to their original home, to carry on the legacy and history that they represent, including the Star Tribune’s presence in the community,” said Mike Ryan, National Director of Architecture and Engineering for Ryan Companies U.S.

The Minneapolis City Council approved Ryan Companies’ planned demolition of the 425 Portland Ave. building on the grounds that the medallions be removed and re-installed elsewhere.

Ryan Companies began the process of removing the medallions in April and finished last month. The company is storing the medallions until they are ready for placement.

Dave Kvamme, CEO for Wells Fargo Minnesota, said Wells Fargo is proud to provide the location where the medallions will continue to highlight important industries that help Minneapolis and Minnesota grow and thrive.

“We intend to be good stewards for these historical items at the entrance of our new permanent home for 5,000 Wells Fargo team members in Downtown Minneapolis,” Kvamme said.

Ivan Doseff, a University of Minnesota sculptor, designed and carved the medallions as part of an addition to the Star Tribune building completed in 1949. They depict the six principal industries of the Upper Midwest: agriculture, dairy, lumber, milling, mining and tourism.