Signs of life at Ideal Diner

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May 24, 2013
By: Mike Munzenrider
Mike Munzenrider

LOGAN PARK — Though its windows and door are still papered over, the Ideal Diner on Central Avenue seems poised to reopen.

Within the past couple of weeks, four handwritten signs appeared in the diner’s windows, announcing it was “opening soon” and “remodeling,” as well as looking for cooks.

Kim Robinson said that she recently bought the diner from former owner, Kevin Kelzenberg.

Robinson said she worked at Ideal for 23 years, along with her mother, who worked there for 42. When Robinson’s mother retired in 2008, Robinson said she moved on as well, but came back after “realizing this really is my career.”

As for the remodeling, most of it will take place outside of the public’s gaze.

“We are giving the diner a new updated kitchen in the back,” Robinson said. “As for the front, it will be the Ideal Diner as has been, but with a new clean look. The cooking will still be on the flat in front of the counter, with conversation always.”

Robinson did not provide a firm opening date, but said she planned to have the diner open seven days a week and open until 4 p.m. She said she had intentions to eventually open for dinner as well.

Earlier this year, Ideal Diner closed temporarily on a vacation basis. In an April 6 Facebook post, then owner, Kevin Kelzenberg, announced that the diner would stay closed indefinitely and that he was looking for a buyer.

The diner at 1314 Central Ave. NE opened in 1949; Kelzenberg was just its third owner.

Robinson said she was readying the diner, now 64-years-old, for 50 more years of operation.