Radisson Plaza Hotel repositioned as a Radisson Blu

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June 5, 2014
By: Cassie Jones
Cassie Jones

The Radisson Plaza Hotel Minneapolis, 35 S. 7th St., has completed its transformation into a Radisson Blu Minneapolis. The hotel will re-open on Monday, July 7.

“We’re very excited about the reinvestment in the hotel to create this great destination,” said General Manager Steve Lindburg.

The Radisson Plaza Hotel Minneapolis was the first hotel for the Radisson brand when it opened in 1909 and joins the Radisson Blu brand as the fourth Radisson Blu Hotel in North America. Radisson Blu has more than 270 hotels in 62 countries worldwide.

“We’re on the cutting edge of where this brand is going, you know, this is kind of the headquarters for Carlson. The home office is there in Minnetonka, and then this hotel has been the flagship for the company for, you know, decades,” Lindburg said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Lindburg said all of the hotel’s 360 guest rooms were renovated starting December 2013, and the hotel was in operation throughout the multimillion-dollar renovation.

The renovated guest rooms have a European or Swedish feel and a light and airy color palette. The bathrooms are equipped with new showers, tile, vanities and a backlit mirror. As for the lobby, Lindburg described it as “non-normal.”

“It’s an incredibly positive change though,” Lindburg said. “It has incredible visual impact.”

The atrium goes up about 18 floors and there is a communal table that sits 12 to 14 people in the center of the lobby, which will function as Apple workstations equipped with either iPads or laptops. Lindburg said a large TV installation makes up one of the walls and another wall will look into the large wine cooler inside the FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar.

“We’re moving the hotel into the upper upscale segment, which is a very strong segment of hotels operating here in the city,” Lindburg said. “That would include places like The W and The Ivy and The Weston, so our rates are going to be hovering around the $200 mark; higher at some times and maybe a little lower at others, but obviously it all depends on what’s going on in the city what the specific rate is.”