Northeast 'Art Home' will be open for Home Tour

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April 16, 2013
By: Mike Munzenrider
Nick and Rosie Heille.
Mike Munzenrider

The private art collection of Nick and Rosie Heille, which contains work from many Northeast based artists, will be on display in their home during this year’s Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour.

The Heilles, who live in the Waite Park neighborhood, own more than 100 works of art by more than 60 artists, many of whom work in the Northeast Arts District.

At the insistence of many of these artists, they are opening their “art home” free to the public during the tour, Saturday April 27, from 10 a.m.-5p.m. and Sunday, April 28, form 1 p.m.-5p.m.

The Heilles live at 3460 Garfield St. NE.

“We’ve got a lot of art and it has value,” Nick Heille said. “The only way to give it more value is to show it.”

Nick said that he and his wife want the open house to promote Northeast artists and help them make a living.

“Artists without buyers are like farmers without water,” he said. “We are art buyers and there are a lot of artists living in the desert.”

Work by artists such as Kyle Fokken, Pete Driessen and Chank Diesel, among others, will be on display.

The Heilles have been collecting art from Northeast for 15 years. Nick said his wife Rosie was a founding board member of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association.

As for Nick’s role in the Northeast art scene, he said he “pushed a little to get people to start shaking their heads to get an arts district going.”

“I’d say I’m the catalyst of that,” he said.

Nick also said he will sometimes sign his name as “Arthur A. Whirl,” and that “people know damn well who signed it.

The Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour is an annual event put on by the Planning and Economic Development departments of the two cities, intended to promote city living.