Betty Danger’s to take over former Psycho Suzi’s space

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July 10, 2013 // UPDATED 2:43 pm - July 17, 2013
By: Mike Munzenrider
Mike Munzenrider

The owner of Psycho Suzi’s has proposed a new restaurant called Betty Danger’s Country Club for the tikki bar’s first home in Northeast at Lowry and Marshall — a venue that would include a Ferris wheel. 

Leslie Bock, the restaurateur behind Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge and Donny Dirk’s Danger Den, has proposed the new restaurant in the space at 2519 Marshall St. NE, which she still owns.

According to a letter circulated in the Marshall Terrace neighborhood, Betty Danger’s would feature a Tex-Mex menu with a Minnesota influence as well as a full bar. Keeping with the country club theme, attractions at the restaurant would include a mini-golf course complete with pro shop, as well as a dine-on-Ferris wheel which would offer views of the Mississippi River, the Lowry Bridge and the downtown skyline. Smart Associates is working with Bock on the design for the new restaurant. 

Bock presented the plan to a June 20 meeting of the Concerned Citizens of Marshall Terrace (CCMT).

Greg Langston, chair of CCMT, said that concerns were raised over parking, littering and privacy issues regarding views from the Ferris wheel, though beyond those issues, the plan was well received.

“Overall there was positive interest in the novelty of the business concept and general approval for making use of the empty lot,” Langason said. “The added tax base and potential employment opportunity associated with the new business were also some pluses noted by the neighborhood.”

Langason also said he thought, from the city’s perspective, “the new restaurant is a fait accompli and it is doubtful if the neighborhood has any influence at all on what happens at the site.”

City Council member Kevin Reich (Ward 1) attended the meeting and said many of the concerns raised were to be expected.

“Some of the issues were identified as would be normal when you have activity centers and neighborhood interfacing,” Reich said.

“We’re in a place where we can definitely work it out,” he said. “There’s absolutely a way to do it from the city perspective.”