Art show celebrates a love of biking

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April 14, 2014
By: Sophia Khori // Murphy News Service
Sophia Khori // Murphy News Service

Artist Adam Turman is unveiling a bike-themed art show Saturday, April 19 — the midpoint of 30 Days of Biking — at Chowgirls’ Parlor in Northeast Minneapolis. 

Turman explained that landing on the theme of bikes came from his love for everything about bicycles; from simply riding them to the aesthetic features of the mode of transportation.

“I like that many different people can enjoy a similar thing in different ways; some people use it for racing, some people are able to tow their kids, you can do it to get groceries, you can do it for recreation, you can do it for fitness. It’s just a nice way to explore your surroundings,” Turman said.

Chowgirls owner Heidi Andermack approached Turman with the idea of having a solo show in their parlor, which continually highlights work from local artists. He wasn’t sure of the idea at first, because it had been a while since he had put his work out in show without other artists, but ultimately decided to take up the opportunity.

Turman said that “everything came full-circle” when coming up with the topic of the exhibition. This was due to his love for bikes, knowing that it would be planned in the spring, the beginning of biking season for many in Minneapolis, as well as April being the 30 Days of Biking.

“I thought cycling and the art and the time of year all went together, it just seemed to make sense,” Turman said.

This year is the third year that Turman has been involved with 30 Days of Biking. In 2012 and 2013 he designed biking-themed prints. Turman explained that this year he decided to take his involvement in a different direction and combine his spring, bike-themed show with other 30 Days of Biking efforts.

Chowgirls, 30 Days of Biking and Free Bikes 4 Kidz are all teaming up with Turman to make the show possible.

Some of the proceeds of the work that is sold at the opening will go toward the Free Bikes 4 Kidz, which is a nonprofit that gives free bikes to kids in families who can’t afford them.

“Everybody is helping and collaborating and joining forces to try and promote the show, help out other people, and get more people aware of cycling in Minnesota,” Turman said.

The work to be displayed at this upcoming event will include four new prints and several paintings that range from $25 to no more than $500. This includes a wall that will contain 30 paintings with different bikes, which will cost $30 each.

“The cool thing that I think about the entire show is that all of the art that I’m making all relates back to fellow cyclists,” Turman said.

He has a lot of friends who bike in different ways from competitive racing to leisure rides, so he thought it would be interesting to base his work off of preexisting photographs of his friends biking from their social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram.

Sophia Khori is studying journalism at the University of Minnesota.

Want to go?
What: “Enjoy the Ride – A Year’s worth of Cycling Art”
When: Saturday, April 19, 7–11 p.m.
Where: Chowgirls Parlor, 1222 NE 2nd Street, Minneapolis
Sponsors: 612 Brew, 30 Days of Biking and Chowgirls Catering
Visit Adam Turman’s website for more information on the opening.