New fitness studio opens in Laurel Village

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May 23, 2013
By: Mike Munzenrider
Mike Munzenrider

A new fitness studio, Kosama Total Body Transformation, has opened at Laurel Village, Downtown, at 1246 Hennepin Ave.

Kosama specializes in group training, “boot camp” style programs that are open to all levels of fitness. The studio is open Monday through Saturday and offers up to six classes per day, the type of class varying by day.

“Every day you’re doing a difference exercise, which helps keep you motivated and engaged in the program,” Jake Madrinich, the owner of Kosama, said.

The studio’s grand opening was May 10.

“It went really well, we had a lot of people sign up,” Madrinich said, regarding the opening.

Madrinich said the studio will be offering a special charter membership through the end of June, as well as offering a $49, one-month trial membership through the summer.

Kosama has four metro-area locations in Minnesota and a presence in the Midwest and elsewhere, with 15 locations in Iowa.