NE art gallery moves to St. Paul

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January 9, 2013
By: Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson

Flow Art Space moved its gallery out of the Keg House Arts building right before Christmas, settling in a new location right above the Black Dog Coffee Shop and Wine Bar in Lowertown St. Paul.

The move was prompted by the noisy tenants next door. The loud neighbor wasn't a bar, or careless college kids, but a Baptist church.

“It wasn't that they weren't good people, but they had extremely loud services and music,” said Melissa Metzler, director of Flow Art Space. Metzler went on to add that some weekday nights the music and worship was so loud that it was nearly impossible to carry on a conversation in the gallery.

Flow Art Space will operate the same as it did in the Keg House Arts building, with rotating shows changing about once a month featuring contemporary art in a variety of mediums. It opens its new location on Jan. 16 with a new exhibition, appropriately titled “New.” There will be a reception on Jan. 18 from 5 p.m.-8 p.m., which will be free and open to the public.

Metzler, a resident of Northeast, had mixed feelings about moving her business from the neighborhood.

“I think the Northeast arts community is great, it's vibrant and there's definitely a lot happening,” said Metzler. “I also really love Lowertown, it's a real condensed area with a different feel and lots of artists living in the area.”