Block E to get artistic makeover

Joan Vorderbruggen of Artists in Storefronts recruited for downtown project

Hennepin Theatre Trust has recruited the organizer of the Whittier neighborhood’s Artists in Storefronts for a major public art project centering Block E to debut this September.

Joan Vorderbruggen is in charge of finding artists to fill Block E’s 40 windows with art for “Made Here,” a series of pop-up art projects on Hennepin Avenue launched during June’s inaugural Secret City festival. The beleaguered downtown shopping center will get an Artists in Storefronts-style makeover, with locally created art and installations filling empty storefront windows.

“It’s twice as many windows as Artists in Storefronts in half the time,” said Vorderbruggen, who plans to put out a call for artists later this summer.

Unlike Artists in Storefronts, which has used empty storefronts to highlight the work of mainly individual artists, Vorderbruggen’s idea for “Made Here” at Block E would allow galleries and arts organizations to participate, as well. The tentative opening date for the project is Sept. 28.